How Can I Help

There are many ways that you can get involved at Harare Children's Home.  All help is greatly appreciated. If you are generous enough to transfer money to us, please advise us on so we can thank you and let you know how we have used your gift.

Sponsor one of our children
It costs $100 a month to keep a child at Harare Children’s Home.

Make a donation
You can help by making a donation, in kind to the home or cash to our bank account:

Share your talents
By visiting the home and sharing your talents with us. Can you help children with homework? Are you prepared to come and read to them? Are you a handyperson who could help us with repairs? Our gardens look neglected despite our best efforts – we always need green fingers. Can you donate seeds or seedlings for the vegetable garden where each house competes for the best produce?

Become a subscriber
You can become a subscriber at a cost of $50 a year. This entitles you to select two members of our general committee and you will receive our periodic newsletters updating you on what’s happening at your home.

Bank account details:

Harare Children's Home
ZB Bank
First Branch


The Harare Children's Home needs $9,000.00 per month to run. At present, we are appealing for donations, and are also working on income-generating projects.