$100 a month saves a child

Numbers tell the story

Harare Children’s Home is looking after 78 children at the moment, all of whom are wards of the state and placed with us by Social Welfare because they are in need of a place of safety.

This month we received a five-month-old abandoned baby. We are one of the very few homes that can take infants, because our director is a SRN. On November 14 an 11-year-old girl was also admitted.

On a positive note, a six-month-old boy has gone to foster parents, pending adoption and sadly a 13-year-old girl lost her granny. Her elder brother and his wife, who are based in South Africa, came up for the funeral and were distressed to find her in care. She has now gone to live with them to South Africa.


One of our babies arrived with many medical problems, including a defective heart. He has been in and out of hospitals and died on November 18. Thanks to Nuffield Funeral Parlour, who donated its services, and Sister Irene, who paid for the grave and coffin, he was buried at Granville Cemetery by our director on November 24. May his dear little soul rest in peace at last.

Health matters

Two of our children had to go to the clinic this month with minor ailments. They are both well now.

Those of our pre-schoolers who go to Christopher Robin nursery school went to be weighed and they have all gained weight.

Tendai# was off school for two days with diarrhea. He is fine now.

Nearly time for holidays

Exams are finished and we hope our girls have done well in their public exams – although this is the exception rather than the norm because we have no one to help them with homework.

Prize-giving and speech day at Admiral Tait School, where our primary school children go, is on Friday, November 29

Also on November 29, five of our children graduate from First Class nursery school.

Coronation Nursery School has invited 20 children to its graduation party on December 14.

Christmas is coming

On November 11 we wrapped Christmas presents for all our children. We are grateful to our German donor who sent us a container-load of goodies, from which we have selected the nicest items for the children’s Christmas gifts.

All our children have been invited by the Rotary Club to Carols by Candlelight at Prince Edward gym on November 29 from 6.00 to 8.00 pm.

The Home will hold its own Christmas party on Saturday, November 30 and everyone is welcome. The highlight will be a modelling contest by some of the girls and staff. All the food has been donated by a committee member.

Pre-schoolers going to First Class nursery school will have a Christmas party on December 2. We need 15 presents for them to take for other children in their class.

Meikles Hotel will be coming to the Home at lunchtime on Tuesday, December 3 with a feast for everyone. This will be a highlight for both the children and staff.

Nancy#, who was based at the Home, has been transferred to St Catherine’s. She was delighted to see one of our committee members who went as a guest to their open day. She participated in the tribal dancing – but was so excited that she ran out to give Mai Mutambara a hug.

David Long, a director of SeedCo, donated 10 kgs of seed maize to each of the Home’s staff.

* The House Committee is a sub-committee of the General Committee. It looks after the welfare of the children in particular and the staff and Home in general

# names have been changed to protect the children’s identities

Update from Education Committee

The chairlady has been travelling so not much has happened this year but she intends to do great things in 2014. She will let the committees have the schools’ calendars so that we can support our children at sporting and cultural events and attend teacher assessment days.

We are looking for trips for the children, particularly during the school holidays when many of their families cannot afford to take them home. As all our vehicles are broken, please can you also provide transport if you are able to invite a group to visit your business, your hobby or your home?

We hope we will be able to find some donations that are excess to our requirements – when you make a donation to the Home you are asked if we may sell or pass on such items and we only do so with your permission – so that the boys and girls can make up presents for children even less fortunate than they are, in the spirit of Christmas.

Finance – always difficult

Our treasurer, Adrian Watson, says we are fortunate to have been able to get through the year: it has often been a very, very tight situation. His goal for 2014 is to be self-financing through our various projects in respect of feeding our children and paying our staff – admittedly scandalously little.

As part of our fund-raising drive we have offered Roosevelt School one of our five houses for boarding. The first term of this experiment has been successful, both financially and from the school’s point of view.

We held a successful flag day on November 9 and raised $4,106.25 and R2,619.50. Thanks to all concerned for a job well done.

We tried to make our quarterly fun lunch for donors and friends of the Home self-financing for the first time and, while there was quite a bit of criticism from those who said they had come for a free lunch, we managed to raise $581

We have received a donation from the Cyclone Eline Disaster Fund, which chose Harare Children’s Home as one of the beneficiaries of its investments when the trust was wound up. We will be benefitting from a donation to cover the senior schoolgirls’ fees next term – more about that in the next newsletter.

Redan Petroleum regularly donates $1,000 and did so again this month. We were one of the beneficiaries of Turnall’s corporate golf day and received $1,000 from the asbestos people.

Staff from Barclays Bank Kurima House branch came to the home on November 24 and donated seeds, fertilizer, tools and a computer.

Our poultry and gardening projects are producing wonderful eggs and vegetables. If you are passing the Home please pop in and buy: you will be delighted by the price and quality.


If the spirit of Christmas moves you to help our children, our bank details are
The Harare Children's Home
ZB Bank
First Street Branch

and gifts in kind are always welcome at the Home,
2 Davantry Road


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We are constantly working on projects to improve the Harare Children's Home, with a particular emphasis on self-sustaining projects.