about the home

One of the longest established places of shelter for children in need of care, Harare Children’s Home was established in November 1918. It moved to its present premises in Eastlea 53 years ago.

It is home to up to 110 children, from infants to pre-puberty boys and girls until they find jobs. The Department of Social Welfare, under whose auspices we operate, selects the children placed in our care. As one of the few homes with a qualified nursing sister, we always have a number of infants in our five houses.

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how can i help

The Home is desperately in need of funds for the provision of daily necessities like food and water as well as wages, bedding and general maintenance.

Any and all help is appreciated. Please choose an option below:


The cost of running the Home at present is around $9,000.00 per month. Harare Children's Home relies heavily on public donations and fund-raising in order to meet monthly expenses.

Self-sustaining projects such as gardening (with the help of Lead Trust), and the creation of an events park and garden houses (with help from World of Faith), generate income on a regular basis. New projects like the building of a grocery shop will further augment our efforts to finance the Home.